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Executive Chef Certification

The Executive Chef certification consists of three phases. After successfully completing all phases, you will be awarded the Executive Chef certification.

  • Phase 1- Multiple Choice Exam
    • 50 multiple choice questions
    • In order to proceed to Phase 2 of the certification, you must correctly answer 85% of the questions. Your results will be posted.
    • If 85% success is achieved, you will move to Phase 2 of the certification
  • Phase 2- Hand-on Lab Exercise (Powered by CloudShare)
    • Implement a stand-alone Chef Infra Server
    • Implement a stand-alone Chef Automate server
    • Develop multiple cookbooks which are used to deploy and configure one MongoDB server, two Tomcat servers, and one HAProxy load balancer
      • All required software packages are available at /opt/chef-sources on the Linux nodes
    • Develop a server hardening cookbook based on an InSpec profile and additional provided requirements
      • InSpec profile and additional requirements are available at /opt/chef-sources on the Linux nodes
    • Define Policyfiles which deploy the provided software to "Dev" and "Prod" environments
    • Bootstrap multiple nodes to the Chef Infra Server
    • Once you are complete, please email [email protected] and we will confirm your results
      • GitHub Actions will be used to run the InSpec tests to confirm your environment and requirements are functional
  • Phase 3- Troubleshooting
    • In order to pass this phase, the Progress certification team will introduce two scenarios into your environment which you will be required to repair
  • Shortly after verifying your work, an “Executive Chef” certification will be sent to your email address
  • If you were not successful in Phase 2 or 3, Chef Training will share a detailed report
  • If you do not wish to purchase on-line, please contact your Progress account manager or email us at [email protected]