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LearnChef Premium

LearnChef Premium will guide you through the journey from Chef beginner to Chef/DevOps master. This training bundle includes six individual classes which are structured as a complete Chef learning path.

  • Chef Infra Foundations will introduce all of the core components of Chef and guide you through deploying cookbooks used to configure your infrastructure.
  • Chef Automate Compliance takes you deeper into Chef Automate and shows you how to gain insight on the status of your infrastructure using InSpec compliance profiles.
  • Chef Intermediate will show you how to make your cookbooks even more reliable, powerful, and flexible. This course takes you on a deeper dive into testing your cookbooks as well as creating your own custom resources and Ohai plugins.
  • Introduction to Chef Habitat extends your Chef knowledge by adding to ability to deploy pre-configured packages with Chef Habitat.
  • Introduction to Chef and the Jenkins CI/CD Pipeline will break down each part of the CI/CD process to cover Git basics, Chef concepts, and Jenkins.
  • If you are working in a Microsoft infrastructure, Introduction to Chef and the Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipeline will cover the CI/CD process using Azure Repos to store code and Azure Pipelines to automate your steps.